The name Twist caught my eye since there is a little funky shop in my area by the same name. I soon realized Twist flavored water is as unique as my favorite little shop. My readers know that I keep my eyes peeled for organic and healthy alternatives to junk food and junk diet food. My hunt led me to Twist. Twist is manufactured by Talking Rain Beverage Company. I mention that only to point out how cool I think the name of the company is. Beyond a cool name of the company and the drink and beyond the cool logo, I expected that housed inside the unique bottle would be artificial flavors and artificial sugars. I cannot tell you how many times I pick up a fun bottle of flavored water hoping and praying when the contents are revealed it is void of fake sugar. I have been disappointed almost every time. It is rare I ever consume a fake sugar. Moreover, I do not allow my children to consume fake sugars. To my delight and surprise Twist contained nothing but water and natural flavoring! This drink is 100% natural!